Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it too late to change?

I am turning 40 next year and it has occurred to me that, all going well, I am nearly half way through my life.  As the mother of a young child I got me thinking about how I want the second half of my life to me and what kind of role model I would like to be for my son.  I recently had a good hard look at myself and realised that a few things needed to change.
What I have realised is that change can happened in an instant - the moment you decide to change.
I started by finishing the following sorts of sentences:
I no longer want...
From now on I will...
For example: I no longer want to feel anxious. From now on I will no longer fear what others think. 
I no longer want to yell at my child. From now on I will consistently assert myself with calm authority.
It might sounds simplistic but many people have made even greater changes but only after they decided to do so. I truly believe that you have more power to change than you realise.  
Dr Kirsten Baulch.
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